LED portable floodlight Brightboy

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  • 5361100: 230V
  • 5561100: 110V
  • 5661100: 42V
  • 5761100: 24V
  • 5861100: 12V
  • 5661100: 42V-6V

Sturdy and handy construction site lighting.
Shockproof, robust, compact and pleasantly light, the BrightBoy, strong in lighting, as its name suggests, offers you great comfort of use. Its high-intensity white light offers unique lighting quality and visual comfort, while guaranteeing you an output of 4600 lumens!

Use the BrightBoy in the greatest comfort, thanks to its optional power-in / power-out version and/or emergency battery and its multiple accessories: the tripod with rotating head for overhead mounting; the bracket with magnet for mounting on metal walls, beams or scaffolding; replaceable protective glass for maximum clarity.

The BrightBoy is the ideal tool for demanding environments. It is versatile and can be ordered for all voltages. You'll be using it in circumstances that are often an impossible challenge for most lighting fixtures.

Optional (reference 5361120): with backup battery.
During a power outage, the lamp stays on efficiently in emergency mode.

In a "normal" situation, the lighting will always be a robust lamp, yet solid and easy to use.


Watts 45W
Lamps 3
Lumen 4600
Dimensions 360 x 200 x 130mm
Weight 2 kg
Cable 5m HO7RN-F
Protection index IP65
Options • Power-in power out socket
• Magnets
• Protection plate
• Tripod

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