Optilight is a specialist in professional temporary lighting. We supply work lighting, distribution boxes and transformers for industrial use as well as for ATEX hazardeous places..

Our range of work lights includes many models for 12 Volt, 24 Volt, 42 Volt, 110 Volt or 230 Volt and for both gas and dust explosive environments. To make work easier, we also have suitable accessories and we deliver custom work.

Optilight was founded in 1996 and our material is developed in Europe, certified according to European standards and approved by European Notified Bodies.

You can find our customers in:

     Aircraft industry
     Oil and petrochemical industry
     Chemical industry
     Onshore and Offshore
     Suppliers (maintenance, painting, blasting companies, etc.)




Our office is located in Woudrichem, where the rivers the Rhine meets the Maas and merges into the Merwede.




Optilight  is a trade name of Atex Industries BV and is registered under number 17163712 at the Chamber of Commerce. Our General Terms and Conditions apply to all our quotations, deliveries and sales.

The management is headed by J. Minczeles.

Opti-Light France SARL is registered in Lille (Lille), France. For more information, please visit www.opti-light.fr.

We do not suply consumers / private individuals.